Check out the Fall17-Spring 18 tab for more info on the current session (until May 22nd) 


Enroll anytime!


12 thoughts on “*CLASS INFO*

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    1. heartlandallstars11

      Not at all!! Please stop by the office for an enrollment form, you can can print it off the site! Keep in mind that the Wednesday Beginners class at 5:15 is full, but all other classes are open!!!

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  3. Becky

    Kind of a weird question. I have a 13 yr old that has never took a gymnastics class before, however, she did cheer last yr and would like to continue with cheer. This being the case I would like to get her some classes. Would she be the odd duck being so old just getting into it. Thx

    1. heartlandallstars11

      Absolutley not! She could either attend a beg/adv beginners class or we have a Tumbling and Trampoline class on Tuesday’s from 8-9 30pm that sounds perfect for her! Let me know if you have any questions!!

  4. Kristen Muller

    My daughter will turn three the end of July. We talked about starting her in gymnastics but can’t find anything for fall classes in your website. Could you send me a link with prices and schedules, please? This is all new to us! 🙂


    1. heartlandallstars11

      We will have fall enrollment information available the last week of July! Fall classes will start August 10th. We will have special office enrollment hours the first wee of August, time TBD. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned in!

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