What are office hours?

Sarah, the office manager, is in the office Monday-Wednesday 5:30pm – 7:30pm. In the summer, her hours are Tuesday-Wednesday 530-730pm. If she is not in the office to accept your enrollment or payment, you may leave in the drop payment box to the left of the office window in the lobby.

When can I start?

We accept enrollment at anytime! Regular sessions run from Aug-May and July-June. You can start at anytime! Visit the Enrollment tab above for session options!

How do I enroll?

Please visit the Enrollment Info page and/or visit the Online Parent Portal.

What class should my child be in?

Class placement is by age. Ages 2.5-4.5 are in the preschool class, age 5 and up in the beginners class. Advanced Preschool and Intermediate classes are enrollment by placement based on a mastery of a set of advanced skills. Boys aged 4-6 are in Boys I and Boys ages 7 and up in the Boys II class. There is a tool on the Online Portal that helps you determine what class a student should be in after student setup. When you enroll, you enroll for one class a week at a specific day and time each week.

What are my class fees?

Class fees can be viewed online and are based on 4 weeks of classes in a month. Sometimes, here are 5 class days in a given month. We off set this by only prorating fees in August, December and May even though we are closed over Thanksgiving and Spring Break on March. More on this as the session goes on. There is a yearly registration fee of $20.00. Summer fees are for the entire summer (usually 9 or 10 wks) and registration fee is $5/student

When are Fees Due?

Class fees are due by the 15th of each month. See more in the Rules and Policies. Summer class fees are due at your first class. Contact the office for payment plans.

How can I pay my class fees?

You can now pay ONLINE! Just log into your Parent Portal account (using the email address we have on file for you. If you have never logged in before, enter your email address you indicated on your enrollment form and select forgot password. You will then see your student’s info) You may also bring a check, cash, or card to the office during office hours.

What if I don’t want to attend anymore?

We hate to see you go but if you must, we require a 2 week written notice to withdraw from the program and are responsible for class fees though the 2 weeks. If your child stops attending classes, but we have not received a written notice of withdrawal, you will be responsible for class fees up to 2 weeks after we receive a written notice of withdraw, regardless of your child’s attendance. See more in the Rules and Policies.

Can I change classes?

Sure! If a class time does not work for you any longer, or to see if you student is ready to move up in level, please contact the office at 785.625.5567 or heartlandallstars@ruraltel.net.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class due to schedule conflict, sickness, etc. you may make up the missed class in another class. If you can, please let us know if you are going to be gone. That way we don’t worry! See more in the Rules and Policies.

How do I schedule a make-up class?

You may contact the office at heartlandallstars@ruraltel.net with a requested day and class time or you can log onto your Parent Portal account and click Schedule a Makeup in the lower left corner of the home screen.

What should we wear?

Boys classes may wear snug fitting short and shirt/tank. Girls may wear the same temporarily until you can get a leotard. It is dangerous to spot with baggy clothing, dangling jewelry, or loose hair as coaches can get caught up in it. Wearing a leotard allows coaches to safely spot tumbling and see little bodies move to properly correct technique. Socks and booty shorts are permitted. No leggings, tights, skirts, or two-piece outfits (no midriffs showing) are allowed. Hint: a one piece swimsuit works great as a leo! 

Where can we put our stuff?

There are cubbies on the east wall of the gym. Pick any!

How do I get private lessons?

Private lessons are very limited in scheduling and applied on a first-come-first-served basis. Please see the office if you are interested in private lessons

How are Private lessons billed?

Private lessons as $20/hour and billed on the 1st of the month for the previous months lesson. There is aa $20 yearly registration fee for private lessons as well.

What is Kids Night Out?

Kids Night Out is hosted at Heartland 1x/mo during the school year months. Usually on a Friday evening 7-9pm. We play games, snacks, movies, bounce house, crafts, and have SO MUCH FUN! Cost is $10/child

What is Open Gym?

Open gym is hosted at Heartland 1x/mo during the school year months. Usually on a Saturday from 11am-1pm. Your child will get to work on the events and skills they choose with the help of coaches at their disposal. Cost is $10/child

Who can come to KNO/OG?

Anyone ages 5 and up!

Can we bring someone who is not enrolled at Heartland to OG or KNO?

Yes! We have a Release Waiver for their guardian to sign, but you can bring anyone!


Where do I get more info on joining team?

If you interested in joining our competition team, please contact the office. We start training new members in the summer months so get you name on our contact list!