Heartland Allstars Team

Heartland AllStars Fall/Spring 2017-2018 Class Schedule

2017-2018 Schedule Team-page-001

If you want to know more about joining team, please contact the office! We will have an evaluation on May 6th!


1. If you have never logged in online: type in the email address we use to communicate with you throughout the year and click Forgot Password.
   b. If you have already been on the Parent Portal, simply Log In.
2. Enroll your student in the preferred class. Select the 17-18 Fall/Spring season and find the level and amount of times you wish to attend in the summer.
3. Please be sure to finish the enrollment all the way through the “checkout”. You may pay monthly as usual and a new registration fee applied.
4. Please bring your fees to your first class if you do not pay online.
5. My office hours during the school year are Mon-Wed 530-730PM. If I am not in the office you know the drill….leave your payment in the drop box to the left of the office window. Team fees are listed as usual on the wall above the drop box and will be available online where you create your enrollment. NO EXCUSES FOR LATE PAYMENTS!
*NOTE: I am still working out kinks in the online portal. If you see an issue, simply email me your experience so I can fix accordingly!

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