Heartland Booster Club


Dear Team Parents,

We welcome you to the Heartland Academy team. It is not a privilege every one receives so congratulations to you and your child on this achievement. As a member of the Heartland Team you will also become members of the HBC booster club. As a team member and an HBC member we would like to keep you involved and informed. Feel free to print as needed. The documents with a * after them, need to be completed and turned into the office by October 1st.

Please use the below document (and folder handed to you at your first HBC meeting) to keep all our correspondence.

Check for postings on HBC bulletin board (in hall by bathroom), mailboxes (by red door) and emails (VERY IMPORTANT!). We hope to improve our communication level with you but we ask for your assistance in this matter. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

We do have an open door policy. We believe it is better to talk things out than to let them stew about. Usually both sides can learn and benefit from this philosophy. Our communication motto is “you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken”! So let’s talk when we need to. Feel free to call me any time or call and set up a meeting so I have adequate time to give you. We look forward to a great year with your family and your daughters. Welcome to our Heartland Gymnastics Family.


Richard & Tawnita Augustine

See the HBC bulletin board in the hallway between the lobby and gym for info on meet dates and fees due!

2016-2017 HBC ByLaws

Expenses and Expectations

Team Practice Rules

**See Heartland Allstar Team Tab for more info!


2017-2018 Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Forms – for your sponsors

Sponsor Team Letter – For You

Sponsorship’s assigned


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