Rules and Policies

Heartland Academy
Rules & Policies

Privates Lessons Rules and Policies


We are happy for your interest in Heartland Gymnastics!

Payment & Withdrawal Policies:

  1. There is an annual enrollment fee of $5 per child not to exceed $10 per family, if the student was not enrolled during the Fall/Spring.
  1. Summer payments are due for the entire session, before participation at enrollment unless other arrangements are made with the office. Team members are allowed to make monthly payments because of their increased financial responsibility.  Please place payments, with child name in memo, in the box to the left of the window in the office. If submitting a cash payment, seal the cash in an envelope marked with the name, amount and what the payment is for. Cash receipts are available through the office. Checks & enrollment may be mailed to: Heartland Academy 1803 General Custer Rd. Hays, KS 67601.
  2. There is a $25 charge on all returned checks.
  3. Summer sessions may be prorated with written notice only. See the office for details.
  4. Every parent or guardian must sign the enrollment/waiver form as prior to their child’s participation.
  5. **IMPORTANT!** You are required to give a 2 week written notice to withdraw from our program. If your child stops attending classes, but we have not received a written notice of withdrawal, you will be responsible for class fees, up to 2 weeks after written notice is given to the office (not coaches).

Class Absences & Make up Classes:

  1. Absences may be made up in another class of the same level, any time before the end of the summer session. If unable to complete make-ups in that time frame contact the office and we will extend the deadline. No refunds will be given for unexcused absences, not on your vacation prorate form filled out at time of enrollment and payment. special circumstances like a medical leave will be granted refund on need by need basis.

Gymnast Rules:

  1. Girls are to wear a leotard (a 1-piece swimsuit will also work). No 2 pieces are allowed in the gym. Boys are to wear shorts and a tight fitting T-shirt tucked in. Barefoot is preferable. Leotards are available for sale in the office.
  1. All mid-length to long hair should be pulled back or up in some manner.
  2. If desired, gymnasts may bring water or Gatorade, etc. Please write your gymnasts name on the bottle and remember to take it home with you each day.
  3. Post earrings may be worn, but no other jewelry should be worn to class.
  4. Running around and rough-housing in the gym is not allowed.
  5. Siblings are not allowed on equipment.
  6. Chewing gum, candy, etc. are not allowed in the gym.
  7. Students should ask their instructor before leaving to go the bathroom.
  8. Parents are asked to pick up their children promptly after class. We ask parents to come in and get them to avoid potential accidents.
  1. Please keep aisle by sitting area clear. Cubbies are available along the east wall for your gymnast’s things.
  2. Please refrain from smoking while on Heartland premises.
  3. Students are not allowed on the equipment before or after their class time.

Heartland Special Events:
1. Most Heartland special events are handled through sign up in the office/lobby.
2. Special events with a fee are not part of class fees and must be paid for
separately and prior to event in the office or upon check in at the event such as
Kids night out and open gym.
3. Birthday parties may be schedule and paid for thru the office manager.
4. School field trips may be arranged through the office manager with adequate
time to arrange instructors and activities.
5. Special events such as parades etc. require no special fee for participation but
we do ask that you sign up ahead of time if possible to accommodate.

Gym Goals & Philosophy: Gymnastics is meant to be fun, educational and assist in improving physical capabilities for both excel in gymnastics as well as other athletics. We also strive for children to learn values such as sportsmanship, leadership and coachabilty. Finally our goal is that a child will gain self worth and confidence thru their participation here at Heartland.

Gym Business Motto: “You cannot fix what you don’t know is broken..” If you are concerned about a situation please schedule to meet with us so that we can discuss and resolve the situation.

Updated 4/9/18


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